Hard Tennis Court Cleaning for Brighton & East Sussex

Hard Tennis Courts

We offer a comprehensive hard tennis court cleaning service for both domestic and business customers.

Whether you're a private resident, school, leisure centre or tennis club, you can rely on Smart Sport Surfaces to bring your tennis courts back to life! So they look great as well as play great.

Hard tennis court surface types

Each type of tennis court surface requires specific care and therfore specific cleaning techniques.

Depending on the surface type and the current condition of your hard court, we offer various deep cleaning methods to eliminate moss, algae, and dirt. Our goal is not only to clean the court but also to restore its brightness, giving it a new-like appearance and providing safer playing conditions.

Macadam and acrylic tennis courts, commonly known as 'hard' courts, can experience a buildup of residue that results in a slippery surface with reduced traction and a lackluster appearance.

Pressure washing

Using a surface cleaner attachment that evenly distributes water across the tennis court's surface, we perform the cleaning process with the appropriate pressure wash. This pressure washis strong enough to eliminate contamination, moss, and algae without causing damage to the surface. Subsequently, a second low-pressure wash covers the entire area to remove any remaining debris, followed by a post-treatment application.

Our services encompass the cleaning and maintenance of hard tennis courts throughout the South and Southeast of England.

We serve areas such as Brighton and East Sussex, West Sussex, Greater London, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, and Berkshire.