Macadam & Acrylic Tennis Courts

Macadam & Acrylic Tennis Courts

Macadam tennis Courts and Acrylic Tennis Courts - both often referred to as 'hard' tennis courts - can suffer from a build-up of film which can create a slippery
surface with less traction and in turn cause a dull-looking court.

Deep cleaning the tennis court

Each type of surface has its own requirements. Depending on the type of surface you have on your hard tennis court, and the condition of your tennis court, we can offer various deep cleaning methods to remove any moss, algae and dirt from the surface. Our aim is to not only clean your court but to brighten it up, making it look like new, which will create a safer court to play on with improved playing conditions.

We don’t just use water to clean hard tennis courts as water and grease do not bond. We first pretreat
the surface using specialist tennis court cleaning products to aid in the removing of contaminates,
moss and algae.

Pressure washing the tennis court

Using a surface cleaner attachment which evenly distributed water over the surface
we then carry out the clean using the correct pressure, strong enough to remove contamination,
moss and algae but not too abrasive to damage the surface. A second low-pressured wash is then
carried out over the entire area to remove any further debris and finally a post treatment is applied.

We provide macadam and acrylic tennis court maintenance and installation solutions across the South and South East of England, including Brighton, Greater London, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, and Berkshire.